Covenants & By-Laws

The Coventry HOA is governed by covenants and by-laws established by the original builder.  The covenants and by-laws are periodically updated by the members and the board of the home owners association.  Below are the by-laws, covenants and policies of the Coventry HOA.  All files are in PDF format.

Download the Coventry HOA By-Laws here:  Coventry HOA By-laws

Download the Coventry HOA Covenants here: Coventry HOA Covenants

Download the Jan 2014 Coventry HOA Collection Policy here: Jan 2014 Signed Collection Policy (pdf)

Download the Jan 2014 Coventry HOA Inspect Records Policy here: Jan 2014 Signed Inspection Policy (pdf)

Download the updated (May 2009) Coventry HOA Policy here: New Collection Policy 5-09 (pdf)

Map of the Coventry HOA community here: Coventry HOA map

Fence Specifications (May 2009) here:  Fence Specs (large file, 3 megabytes)

Fence Styles here: Fence Style